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Top Fees

I provide services billable at an hourly rate of $100 per hour for web and print design and custom photoshop work and $85. an hour for production/revisions for print work. A project and it’s requirements are evaluated and agreed upon by both the client and Rebeca Eigen, Esprit Communications, and a quote is submitted. A signature on the contract plus 50% deposit is required prior to beginning the project. All estimates are guaranteed but subject to change should the client need additional services and reviewed with the client up front.

Client Conferences - All conferences are considered billable at the same hourly rate, plus travel expenses if not within the surrounding area of the city of Houston, Texas.

Rush Fees - are considered if the client needs a project completed prior to the agreed upon turnaround time written in the contract. Rush fees are an additional 50% added to the cost of the project.

On-Site Services - are provided by Esprit Communications with an additional 20% added.

Project Turnaround
Standard turnaround time will be evaluated up front for the specific project and dependent on agreed upon client reviews/completion process. Delays will be discussed and client will know in advance if we cannot make a deadline due to circumstances not in Esprit’s hands (due to outside suppliers/vendors being used).


Deliveries - (Courier Service fees) are billed at Courier rate, plus an additional 25%. FedExp ground services are available plus an additional 25%.

Payment Terms
Artwork - 50% deposit with signed contract and then Phase increments due once complete, then total project is due in full. For those who have acquired credit with Esprit (after 5th project being paid on time upon completion) payment is due 15 days after the receipt of each invoice. Late payment require 5% additional fees of total invoice. 30 day terms are available for corporations only.

Web sites - 50% deposit with signed contract and changes and client reviews expected back in 30 days or less. After that the full payment for the web site is due.  Example: A client cannot hire me to do a web site and then sit on it for 3 - 4 months because they have no budget or time to complete it. Full payment is due regardless in 30 days after the site has been submitted for review. Changes can be made or additions whenever the client is ready to do so if the project is paid in full.


Client cannot cancel a project midway through the project unless all payments (for each phase of the contract) have been paid in full. 50% deposit is not refundable under any circumstance and all artwork is considered to be owned by Esprit unless the project is completed in full and all payments have been received.

Content - Client is responsible for proofing all artwork prior to printing and signs off on a Proofed and Ready to Print form. Esprit Communications is not responsible for any typos or errors in content.

We look forward to long-term relationships with our clients and always strive to go out of our way to meet or even exceed their needs and requirements on-time on on-budget.

For a prompt quote on your projects, call Rebeca Eigen at 281-799-2900.


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